Uncertainties Over Heartworm Treatment Medicine Shortage Throughout the US

Lately a severe scarcity of a drug named Immiticide has been generally in the news. It is not a drug for treating humans, but a drug used for treatment of canines infected with adult heartworm. This scarcity would not be such a severe anxiety for people who own dogs if there was in fact an additional drug that might be used as a substitute – however the reality is, there’s only one drug for this purpose that has FDA approval – and which is Immiticide.

The following is a brief slideshow That I produced about Immiticide and its application with respect to heartworm therapy. As you will see, it is vital that pet dogs suffering from mature worms can have this procedure so that they can recover.

On my internet site, Heartworm Treatment For Dogs, I have received numerous messages from dog owners whose pet dogs have screened positive for heartworm and who need to have life-saving treatment. One pet owner reported he had to hold out 2 months before his dog could get these Immiticide shots simply because supplies needed to be acquired out of Europe. You can view a copy of a notification from Meriel, the manufacturers of Immiticide which they have mailed to vets about the present scarcity by using this weblink, Meriel letter (pdf is accessible on the FDA web site)

It’s a really serious problem and also one that’s occurred previously; hence it’s not a whole new phenomenon and there’s quite a lot of anger and also aggravation amongst owners that this scenario could have actually been allowed to happen once more.

Concerned owners have their own canines put on a waiting list to get treatment, extending the agony connected with what’s already a really stress filled time. Vets have a good protocol for maintaining canines through this waiting period and this entails looking after them with medicines ordinarily utilized for heartworm prevention in order to wipe out juvenile larvae and to prevent the scenario from getting a whole lot worse. Nevertheless, this does not come with out its challenges and there is definitely too little information and facts about if the existing scarcity will end and also what, if anything at all, is being done to stop it from re-occurring going forward.

Guidance in the meantime is to ensure if your dog has screened positive for heartworm that you make certain your vet monitors his condition carefully while he’s on preventative drugs and awaiting treatment with Immiticide once stocks come to be available. You should also prevent your pet dog having any kind of strenuous physical exercise while you’re waiting for him or her to have heartworm treatment.

If a dog is waiting for heartworm remedy and you may have also been affected by the immiticide shortage and need additional information about this subject and anything relevant to heartworm treatment and dog heartworm medicine please make sure to make use of the link to go to my website.

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