True Love For Pets

When we were younger, we all like to play with our toys. I myself, love playing with my stuffs inside my room. Since the only girl, I’ve got nobody to play with. Therefore, after school I went straight to my room to immediately scatter my toys and have the best hours of my entire life. Yet, as we mature, there are lots of things that changes in our life. Later on did I found that my toys can’t give me back the love and care I am showing for them. They’re just toys. They do not have feelings. My dad and mom are working from 8 am to 4 pm so I can really say I need anyone to love me. For kids, everybody knows that playing games and playing with their toys is what love means.

And So I tried to get a new friend. Unexpectedly, I saw this poor street dog. He was so skinny and I guess that dog came from a native breed. In the beginning, I did not know what to do to that particular dog. I don’t want to touch it either. What I did was I took all the leftover foods that we have and gave it to the dog. Then, I realized that dog likes me. I had been immediately thinking for a nice name to call it. Then I decided to give it a name. I simply called him Browny, since he is a brown dog. I began enjoying his company because he became very playful to me. Whatever tiring activities we had in school was nothing when compared to the happiness which I get as I came to have fun with my true love, Browny.

I’ve read an article where the writer pointed out,”How to create your homes a happy space for pets?” He stated, “A house, they say, particularly the pet lovers, is not a home without a pet. Speak to people who love dogs and they’ll let you know that there’s nothing on this planet which they would trade a welcome bark or lick which they get at the end of an exhausting day for. We agree that dogs are hands-on psychiatrists, but are we returning the favour by making our homes a happy space for them, especially while living in constrained spaces like apartments”. Since I am just a kid that point, I began to share all of my toys and even my room to Browny so he is able to have fun with me.

Click this link And find out about the unconditional love that other people show for their pets. In what I’ve experience with my childhood life, I consider pets as part of my life. Animals need to feel the love from us, people. It is exactly what I did to my pet, Browny. They are also God’s creation like us. It’s very much very important to us humans to understand and love anything that we have seen around us. All of us have values in this world. True love cannot only be felt on human-to-human relationship but also to human to animals relationships.

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