Five Prevalent Dog Behavior Issues

Having taken care for 5 dogs, I can say with assurance that at some points, you will encounter dog problems. This is the way our canine friend is born with. Luckily, it is possible to solve almost every issue that your canine has. Below are behavioral issues that normally noticed in canines.

1. Chewing

In fact, chewing is perfectly normal for dogs. It’s impossible to find a dog who doesn’t chew at all. Chewing has a calming effect on dogs, and puppies chew to maintain their gum and teeth. Chewing is unwanted when your dog chews items that he’s not supposed to. You need to make it clear to your dog which are the appropriate and inappropriate items to chew.

2. Barking

Barking, similar to chewing, is just another typical thing that dogs do. Barking is the way dogs connect and show their thoughts. If your dog bark for relevant reason like he’s lonely or hungry, a stranger approaching him or something isn’t right, you shouldn’t stop him. But if your dog barks for no obvious reason or simply try to get you to do something for him, you might want to teach him the “quiet” command.

3. Jumping

No one likes to have a fully grown up adult dog jumping upon them. Well, the situation is worse if your dog leaps on visitors and children. And bear in mid that your dog is capable of inflicting bruises and scratches on you or anyone else that he jumps on. As a result, I think it’s necessary for owners of big dogs to learn “off” or “no jump” commands. That’s the quick solution for jumping, but learning to stop it at all times is more useful for the long term. Allowing your dog to jump in several occasions will make him jump whenever he feels like it. Your dog can’t tell when is ok and not ok to jump.

4. Aggression

Dogs are aggressive creature by nature. It’s needed in the wild to hunt, to defend themselves, and to survive. Going against nature is not an easy job, but dog owner is not helpless against dog aggression. Prevention is your best practice. If for some reasons prevention can’t be done, the best approach to dog aggression is socialization and establishing dominance.
Socialization is necessary for your dog to explore the world and get used to other people and animals. It’s important for your dog’s upbringing. Through socialization your dog will learn that new things are fun and not scary. Your dog aggression towards guests and other animals will therefore be kept in check. Establish dominance, on the other hand, is to show your dog that you are the pack leader, and he must follow what you say. Your family environment is just like a pack to your dog and if he understands that he’s the lower ranking dog, he will follow what you say.

5. Digging

Digging is another common unwanted behavior that many dog owners face. Your lush garden can easily be messed up if your dog is left in it without any supervision. To stop dog digging, first you need to identify the reason behind it. The most common cause is your dog under-exercised and digging is the form of entertainment to burn out energy for him. The solution is simple, keep your dog exercise a daily thing. Another good solution is to confine your dog whenever he digs up your garden. That’s a good way to tell him that digging is not acceptable and he will learn not to do it again.

Fixing the above problems is essential to a healthy relationship with your pet and it is part of being a responsible owner. You can easily search for more doggie training tips on the Net to help you in your dog training journey.

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