Clippers for Cat & Small-Built Dog Puppy & Small Animals from Ebelyn.

To ensure a clean and precise nail trimming for your pet, choose the right tool. Ebelyn nail clippers for pets are good choice.

In addition to using the right cat nail clippers; you will need to be careful when handling the claws to prevent injury.

The claw clippers are good for puppy, small-breed dog and smaller animals like rabbit. Use the same precaution for cat as well when you are clipping their nails.

Make your cat feel comfortable and calm. Take your time to inspect the nails. You’ll see the nail emerges from a sheath. If the claw is white, observe a pink core inside that ends before the tip of the nail. In there, there is a good number of arteries called the “quick”. Avoid cutting the quick, as it can injure the cat, resulting in bleeding.

Sometime, the quick is not visible; especially when the nail is dark. In this case, trim the nail — trim more frequently, a little bit at a time. Avoid cutting the quick as far as you can.

In any case, have styptic powder ready. In the unfortunate cases when you do cut the quick, apply the powder to the bleeding part. If you don’t have styptic powder, you may use ordinary kitchen flour as an alternative.

Take note of the way you handle the clippers. Let the blade cut from bottom to top, so that you would prevent the splitting of nail.

Secret of Neat Nail Trim

Regular nail cut not only keeps your furry companion neat; it avoids inadvertent scratches to your floor and furniture or causing hurt to your loved ones. It is important for health. Long nails break easily, causing pain to your pet especially when broken below the quick.

Overgrowth unchecked can result in walking difficulty, pain and soreness and arthritis. The task can be less daunting with the right tool. Excellent Clippers for Cats, Puppies, Small-breed dogs & Small Animal! With Ebelyn clippers for pets, claw trimming does not have to be a struggle any more.

Your furry companion may not even notice you’re clipping her nails, making your pet happy. And you, too!
– Easy to use
– Easy to clean
– Easy to handle
– Stainless steel blades for precise, clean and fast cut
– Semi-circular indentations of the blade make the trimming process safer and easier
– Good alternative to human nail clippers
– Thousands of happy customers
– Used by professional groomers
– 30-day money-back warranty. Precautions
-Do not cut the nail too short or into the quick!
-Should bleeding happen, quell it by applying a small amount of flour or soap to the end of the nail. Better still! Apply a stash of styptic powder obtainable from your local pet store or veterinarian.
-Take your time. Be patient! Trim too little rather than too much.
-Buy your pet nail clippers today and start using it. It is more appealing than de-clawing surgery!
-Certain level of risks is unavoidable with the use of such tool. Do take reasonable precaution when using the tool. Do not use the tool if it is defective.

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