Learn to Trim Your Pet’s Nails with Cutie Pet Claw Cutters

Do you adore and value your pet dog? If you're anything like me the only response is a definite YES! Well if you do love your pet dog provide them the best in paw care. Clip their nails with Cutie Pet Nail Clippers. These state of the are trimmers come in fun and unique colors. They are made from high quality stainless steel and comfortable plastic. Guaranteeing a sharp and clean trim whenever. To discover ways to cut your pet dog's nails with Cutie Pet Nail Clippers just watch this fast instructional video.



Cutting your pet dog's nails with Cutie Pet Nail Clippers is easy and fun. Just follow the easy actions detailed in the Video.

1. Stay Sharp. Make certain to utilize a sharp and durable nail trimmer like Cutie Pets' Pet Nail Clipper.

2. Pull Your pet dog's Legs. Lay your pet dog down on the floor or table and pull their leg to deal with their paw. Clip each paw one at a time. If your pet dog is big get a pal to help hold the pet and stick their arm out so you can deal with their paws.

3. Clip Just The Edge. Your pet dog's nails can bleed if you cut too much off and cut their nail quick. Keep in mind to just take the edge off and if you have to trim even more wait a week before cutting again.

4. Thank Them Very Much. Offer your pet dog a treat or a really good petting to let them understand they did a terrific job.

Cutting your pet dog's nails can be an enjoyable and satisfying experience. Just keep in mind to utilize a high quality Pet Nail Clipper like Cutie Pets' Pet Nail Clippers.

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