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Soft Or Hard Pet Food– Which Is Better?

In some cases pet owners are confronted with a dilemma concerning what type of pet meals to supply their canines. Dogs themselves have the tendency to favor the moist, canned kinds of meals. They are more aromatic and naturally attractive to the pet’s taste buds than the dry kibble that can be found in a […]

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The Best Dog Food Selection

Pet owners are pestered with a lot of pet food option, so coming up with a decision as to best dog foods can be quite a challenge. Things have also become more challenging with all the negative press that huge commercial dog food companies have been getting. What are our choices anyway? Here are three […]

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You Will Not Believe The Ingredients In Dog Food

Update on Canine Nutrition So, the number of people starting to create their own dog food from dog food recipes is growing as these same people discover the ingredients in dog food that come from pet food manufacturers. Pet owners can extend the health and longevity of their dogs by offering them dog food that […]

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