What’s Important In A Bark Collar

Are you fed up with constant barking at late hours of the night? Even the most experienced dog trainers sometimes have to face the fact that regular anti barking training isn’t working and a bark collar has to be brought in. Yes, a bark collar may not be the most dog friendly training gadget on the planet but it serves its purpose.

Because each dog is different and reacts differently, it pays to spend some time evaluating the different types of bark collars there are. If you are serious about getting a bark collar, here you have some common types and some basic information on how they work.

The Ultrasound Bark Collar

The sonic bark collar is one of the most popular anti-bark collars available in the market today. Like a gadget from a James Bond movie, this bark collar emits a very high pitched sound when it detects excessive barking. The sound is meant to distract the dog from the source of the barking and make him wonder what’s going on. The high pitch sound produced by the collar is inaudible to the human ear so you won’t be bothered by its sound. Some people think that the exposure to a high pitched sound is harmful to the dog, but in reality it’s as harmful as listening to the highest note on a piano is to you. Besides, most dogs stop barking upon hearing the high pitched sound from the collar so they won’t be exposed to it for a long time.

The Spraying Collar

The spray collar is designed to squirt out citronella spray unto the dog’s snout every time the dog barks. Citronella is used because dogs are known to dislike it a lot. When dogs finally realize that their own barking is what triggers the citronella spray, they start to reduce their barking. The other side of the coin is that sometimes the smell of citronella can linger around for much longer than the owner intended it to. Some dogs can get stress or anxiety if they can’t get rid of the smell. If your dog is extremely sensitive or irritable to citronella, then this type of bark collar is not your best choice.

Electrical Shock Collar

The shock collar is well known among dog owners, but it’s also somewhat despised, despite it’s proven effectiveness in reducing innecessary barking in dogs. The collar works by sending light electric pulses to the dog’s neck muscles whenever the dog barks. The electric shock is painless to dogs, but some people think it can be cruel.