Dog Containment Devices Saved Dog Lives

At the end of a long day, you are looking forward to come home and enjoy all the gusto and excitement your dog could muster to welcome you. It is the moment when all the stresses accumulated over the day dissipate like they never existed just as you see your dog in such a happy frenzy. However, as wonderful as it is to come home to a loving dog, it is equally depressing and frustrating to come home to a complaint about your beloved pet. Most of the dog owners have past through such type of situation where, instead of their darling pets, at their arrival at home they were “welcomed” by complaints about their dog’s behaviour. Such stressful situations can be easily avoided through the simple use of dog containment devices like the electronic collar.

The electronic collar is one of the more humane ways of training your dog, despite the misconception that people have about it. Many dog owners claim that the electronic collar ended up saving the life of their dog, because he used to take a lot of risks before using it. There are at least three ways in which you can use an electronic collar. Let’s have a quick overview of these applications.

1. Fencing:. There are many risks your dog can take if left to roam the region around the house you have at the country. The biggest problem with dogs being free in the country is that they will run after livestock and may be even harm one or two. There is the risk that some angry neighbour to get rid of your dog if he catches it trespassing. Things are not better for the people living in the urban areas, as they always worry about their dogs to being run over by some car in the traffic.. These are the exact types of problems that can be avoided by the use of dog containment devices like the electronic collar. In order to train your dog to stay within a certain area, you can use the electronic collar with minimum action.

2. Remote trainers:. The problem of fencing is very similar to situations where you are walking your dog and he sees something that totally distracts him from your commands. And if he does not pay attention to traffic as he didn’t pay attention to your commands, he may be hurt or killed. The remote trainers would allow you to keep your dog in check when you take him out for a walk and the best part is that you would only have to use the shock button once or twice.

3. Overbarking control collars One of the most common complaints that a dog owner gets after coming home is that his dog barked too much while he was away. But he can also bark for no reason all the night, and he will annoy all the neighborhood. Using the bark control collars you can teach your dog not to overbark  and not to bark at inappropriate hours.

The above three uses of the dog containment devices are only a few of the many that you can actually use them for. With remote trainers, you can actually train your dog to do or not do anything without even hurting him too much. All the electronic collars need to issue only two or three shocks.

Innotek IUC5100

The Innotek IUC5100 is a well rounded in-ground and dog collar pet dog containment system which has the added benefit of a remote controller that can be used for training, both at home in the containment area, and while out and about. Two independent systems that function with the same comfortable collar.


  • Handheld remote trainer for two dogs and a 120 meter range
  • 24/7 battery backup in the event of power failure
  • Tone Options
  • Works with Zones and Pawz Away systems
  • Lithium Ion batteries for fast charge and long life
  • Waterproof even if submerged in water
  • On board systems check and 3 way battery indicator
  • Remote Trainer provides 9 stimulation levels easily accessible using a compact, lightweight, hand-held remote control.
  • Correct collar fit indicator
  • ‘boost’ feature provides an instant 2 level increase for emergencies and the Tone button allows for an audible correction without a static stimulation being applied.

The IUC 5100 collar itself has some nifty features; the UltraSmart collar will click briefly to show it is fitted correctly and that all functions are operating properly. The collar is also equipped with a two color light to let you know the state of the collar. innotek fs. When the unit has finished charging it performs a self-check to make sure everything is fine, and if it is the light goes green, if it flashes red then there is a problem with the collar and it needs to be fixed.

The ReadyTest feature offers you peace of mind that all functions of the collar are working properly before you let your dog run around out in the yard unsupervised. iut. There is a battery indicator on the collar to let you know if everything is ok, when the battery is half full or more the light goes green, if there is less than half a charge it goes yellow and when it is time to charge it goes red.

Innotek IUC5100

A Great Way to Set Boundaries In Your House

You can use indoor dog gates to prevent your dog from breaking precious china in the dining room, or just keep him contained in the bathroom when your running some errands. The goal of an indoor dog gates is to give you control over the many areas of your home.  Teaching your pet to stay confined inside an area can be a huge benefit. For instance, you can invite visitors without worrying whether your dog will hassle your guests.  Don’t make your dog to stay in small dog crates. The dog gates will allow him roam a set boundary without being packed in a little box.

There are three special models of pet gate that can be used indoors.  The most ordinary gate that is the most powerful is the tension-mounted gate.  This gate uses spring-loaded posts that hold the gate connected to the walls.  This gate is easily moved from place to place and usually has a number of adjustments that allow you to use it for multiple openings without needing different units.  The additional benefit of this style of gate is that it leaves few marks or changes on the wall.  These can even be used in property that is rented or on holiday spots. Certainly removable and they will never recognize it was there.

The second type of accepted gate is the hardware-installed gate.  Hardware installed gates can get in bigger sizes for bigger doorways because they are more stable to the wall.  Each gate will arrive with several sets of hardware to mount your gate accurately.  This style of gate is great for larger or overexcited pets.  Once again, you can keep dogs out of specific parts of your home and do it in a manner that allows you free access.

The third style of gate is freestanding.  This gate is easily transported from place to place and can be expanded or shrunk as desired.  Usually made from gorgeous woods, these gates blend well with your decoration, but on the opposite side they are easy to move since they are not attached.  If you have a bright pet, they will discover this style of gate and their observance in staying on the opposite side is truly voluntary.

Your pet will want some sort of preparation when using a pet gate.  If you have a pet that likes to be with you all the time, it will take a while before they are accustomed to staying on the other side of a gate, when you are doing something that does not include them.  Just like a blanket or pacifier for babies, your dog will need some sort of confidence, such as a pet bed. 

Leave your dog alone in the enclosed space and slowly increase the time you are away..  If the goal is to have a pet free area of your home, be constant and never allow your dog beyond the gate.  Through time and tolerance, your pets will learn and accept the adjustment.

Just as no child needs to have access to all regions of a home neither does a pet.  The indoor dog gate is a wonderful, non-invasive way to block off regions, either periodically or permanently.