IndiePet Treat Ball with Giggle Noise – Fun and Rugged Interactive Pet Toy

I took my German Shepherd, Luke, out for our walk the other day. We typically take pretty much the same route. This time, however, I decided to change things up a little. When we came to the end of the roadway where we would normally go left, we went right.

We were walking along in “uncharted territory” when we came across a lady, her 2 children, and their dog playing in the front yard. The dog was a mut about the same size and age as Luke. She was loose and I had Luke on a leash. She made a beeline for us and stopped abruptly nose to nose with Luke. A minute or 2 of the customary K-9 greetings and they right away hit it off. I could see there wasn’t going to be any troubles between them so I let Luke go. The 2 dogs took off back to the yard and they all, children and dogs, began to play.

This left the 2 adults to awkwardly get to know each other. We Discussed the weather and things like that. While we were speaking I couldn’t help but be sidetracked by a weird sound originating from the location where the children and dogs were playing. I needed to ask what it was. She went on to inform me it was a new toy she had just bought for her dog. A giggle treat ball. I thought that’s fascinating. She said you simply fill it with the dog’s preferred treat and when they play it the treats fall out. I asked what the unusual sound had to do with. She said, “That’s the giggle” like she was proud of it or something. She said it’s kind of infectious don’t you think? I did. In any case the dogs and children were having, pardon the pun, a ball with it.

At this point she entered into information overload and informed me about how she purchased it through Amazon. How simple the process was, the affordable price, and how rapidly the ball was shipped. She alread received an e-mail following up on the sale. I was aware of most of what she was stating as I have actually purchased numerous products from Amazon and never been dissatisfied. Loos like I will be back to Amazon once again since Luke loved this Giggle Treat Ball.

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IndiePet Treat Ball with Giggle Sound!
-The Giggle ball offers tons of interactive fun for your dog.
-Fill it with your dogs preferred healthy snack.
-A little demonstration, and your dog will love it.
-Once your dog understands what it is you can use it for a training aid.
-Did we mention the “Giggle” sound, you need to hear it to believe it.
-Great toy for kittens and cats too. Rugged, safe design
-Indestructible? No pet toy is, but this one holds up better than any on the market.
-Made of non-toxic vinyl material.
-Phthalate free. (Phthalate is a dangerous chemical added to some pet products to enhance flexibility)
-Dimensions: Approximately 3″x 4″x 5″.